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Ancestral Quest Program Description

Ancestral Quest is an exciting program for Windows and Mac that makes it possible for anyone to do genealogy! It is easy-to-learn, fun to use and packed with powerful features.

  • Create your Family Tree!
  • Document your Sources with CitePro™ Technology
  • Create enjoyable Multimedia Scrapbooks
  • Research your family on the Internet with TreeTips™ and other tools
  • Share your family on the Web
  • Create a variety of elegant, functional Charts and Reports; you can include a background image on many of the reports
  • Publish a Family Book complete with Table of Contents and Index
  • Search, Filter and Focus your data using FilterPro™ Technology
  • Review your family database using Pedigree, Family, Descendants, Name List, and Timeline views
  • Record unlimited events for each individual and marriage, and easily copy Other Events to additional records
  • Collaborate with others using AQ's exclusive NetFam™ capability
  • Compare and Merge Databases
  • Organize your research with the Research Manager and Log
  • Examine Relationships
  • Take Ancestral Quest with you on your flash or other removable drive using AQ2Go! Only available in Windows versions.
  • Translate the AQ program screens and report headings into any language
  • Ancestral Quest comes with the work “Line Upon Line - A Beginner's Guide to Genealogy” by Margery Bell to get you up and running with your genealogy immediately. Only available in Windows versions.
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Specialized Features

For PAF Users:
For LDS Users:
  • Display LDS Ordinance information throughout the program and on Reports
  • Pre-Qualify names for submissions to the temple
  • Update Ordinance information from FamilySearch Family Tree
For Jewish Users:
  • Predefined Jewish events
  • Produce Page of Testimony to preserve memory of Holocaust victims


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