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List of Features

Create Elegant, Functional Reports and Charts

The Reports and Charts Options Screen

Select from dozens of predefined reports, or create your own report layouts using the Custom Report.

Print most reports directly to the printer or PDF file or a text file. The Books reports can be printed to RTF (readable by most word processors, including MS Word) or WordPerfect format.

Most reports have an impressive list of options to choose from, so you can get just the information you want in a desirable format. Use the Preview option to see whether the options you have selected will produce the end result you are after.

You can even print reports in any language in the world, once you create or obtain a language module for that language.

Background Images on many Charts - Premium Feature*

For many charts, you can now include a background image. The background image can be placed on these reports:

  • Pedigree
  • Fan
  • Ancestry (Standard and Wall chart)
  • Descendant (Standard, Wall chart and Dropline chart)
  • Line of Descent
  • Calendar
  • Timeline

The image can be displayed with various opacity levels. You can even move background images around on the chart. As an example, you can create a birthday calendar for a month, where you set the page margins to .5 inches for left, bottom and right, but to 5.8 inches for top margin (this will put the calendar on the bottom half of an 8.5 x 11 paper), then put a picture on the top half of the page.

View any of the following sample printouts:

Other Reports and Lists

Scrapbook pages - Premium Feature* -- print all the attached multimedia scrapbook objects for an individual to scrapbook pages.

Custom Lists - Premium Feature* -- define any group of people, and select any data fields. Sort the list and print it or send it to a file for import into other software.

Other Lists include:

  • Sorted Individuals
  • Sorted Marriages
  • Possible Problems
  • End-of-line Individuals
  • Duplicate Individuals
  • Unlinked Individuals
  • LDS Reports

There is also a special Family Reunion Contact list - Premium Feature*. Get a list of all addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers for living relatives. The address list is ready for printing to labels.

From the Source screens you can print lists of sources and citations.

From the Relationship Examiner you can print the full relationship between any two people.

*Premium Features are those which require the purchase of an Ancestral Quest Registration Key and are not available in the free Ancestral Quest Basics. Not all premium features are identified in the above list. You can view a comparison chart of the features available in the two versions of AQ.

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