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The following links are to sites of individuals who have put some of their genealogy on the Web. Feel free to follow these links to see if you can find any connections in your search for your heritage!

From time to time, some of these sites may become disconnected. If you notice a site is down, please e-mail us so we can remove the link. If you'd like to add your site to this list, please also send us an e-mail.

  • Anderson Family page - Researching: Anderson/Andersen, Beaulieu, Beckett, Rondeau/Rondo, McPherson, McLeod
  • Barker - first documented pre-RevWar in NJ, briefly in Seneca, NY to OH and IL
  • Chapman, Don - Don Chapman's Home Page: Atlantic Canada Connections
  • Chapo Sr., Thomas - The Thomas and Gwen Chapo Family Home Page
  • Cotton, Gordon - Ancestors of Gordon K. Cotton - This is my father's side from Cornwall.
  • Cotton, Gordon - Ancestors of Gordon K. Cotton - This is my mother's side; she is from Wales.
  • Creed - are from Princess Anne, VA (1790's) to Estill, KY to IN and IL
  • Fletcher, Paul & Clare - Family tree
  • Hines, James - Descendants of James Hines
  • Lacey, Elton and Bonnie - Family pages, and links to other genealogy sites such as US GenWeb and Sons of the American Revolution
  • Ludlow - numerous families in England, USA, and Australia: especially the descendants of Thomas LUDLOW, British Soldier, 1751-1799
  • Manell, Gunilla - My Swedish Family Tree
  • Maximilian Genealogy
  • Mielke, Coleen - Surnames: Mielke, Roggenbuck, Klint, Gustafson, Furniss, Walker, Opp, Eberle, Wiseman
  • Musgrave - in 1682 with Penn to PA. John's descendants to NC, and Moses descendants to VA (WV) and both to IN and IL.
  • Poothamby, Selvan - Poothamby Family Tree
  • Rush, Capt. John "Old Trooper" - The Rushes of Pennsylvania
  • Scheibe, D. Scott - Ancestors of D.S. Scheibe: Locations range from Colorado, and many states east, to England and Germany.
  • Sechrest - (many spellings) are probably Palatine via PA. Documented from Pilgrim Lutheran Church of NC (1790's)to IN and IL today.
  • Silbaugh - Descendants of Conrad and Mary Silbaugh (prepared by Luther Olson)
  • Smith, Stephen and Linda - Ancestors include Smith, Dunlap, Craford and Burton; Foglesong, Trueblood, James and Stagner; Johansen (Bjerkli) Kerr, Hardy, and Weatherbee; ...
  • Wilson - in Spalding, Lincolnshire, ENG at turn of 19th Century, directly to Morgan Co, IL
  • Woodward, Capt. Henry - Descendants of Capt. Henry WOODWARD.

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