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Ancestral Quest

for Mac

Yes, Ancestral Quest will run on the latest release of macOS Sonoma (version 14)

See our FAQs for Mac page

Download the 64-bit version from the links below


Purchase Ancestral Quest for Mac

Ancestral Quest, including programs derived from Ancestral Quest, have served millions of genealogists for over 25 years as they have recorded and organized their family tree records.

Only $44.95. (Ancestral Quest for Mac is available only via download.)

  • Simply Download the software using the appropriate link below, install it, and
  • Purchase a Registration Key to activate the full functionality.

Download Ancestral Quest Basics for Mac

Ancestral Quest Basics for Mac is a fully functioning family tree program, and is absolutely free.

Note on Installing: after the initial install, the first time you run AQ, it will install the components necessary to use the Collaboration feature of AQ. Click here to watch a two-minute video demonstrating this.

Is your anti-virus app mistakenly thinking AQ has a virus?

Click here to read about it.



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