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Ancestral Quest
List of Features

Grow Your Family Tree with Ease

  • Intuitive Family Building screens
  • Intuitive screens for editing individuals and marriages
  • Quick Entry features minimize repetitive typing
  • Keyboard shortcuts let you do most tasks without the mouse and dramatically speed up entry of information
  • TreeTips™ Hinting technology built into Ancestral Quest will search the world's major repositories of genealogical records and let you know if there are any records for you to examine
  • Special link with Ancestry.com lets you quickly add research submitted by others
  • Internet shortcut links to search MyHeritage.com and FamilySearch.org
  • Unlimited spouses per person
  • Unlimited children per family
  • Unlimited parents per child
  • Record step parent situations, ie mother is biological, father is adoptive, step, or foster
  • Record relationships as Married, Not Married, Common Law or de Facto
  • Mark children, parents, spouses and relationships as “Confidential”, so they won't print on reports
  • Mark an Individual as having never married
  • Mark a relationship as having never had any children
  • Record Name, Titles, Birth, Christening, Death, Burial for each person
  • Record current address, contact information for each person
  • Record custom ID, Cause of Death, Physical Description, AKA for each person
  • Change the title of the “Birth-Rite” event (usually called Christening, but often something like “Baptism”, “Blessing”, “Circumcision”) for each person
  • Unlimited “Other Events” for each person — things like Emigration, Census, Probate
  • Mark “Other Events” as Confidential
  • Scores of predefined “Other Event” types, and you can define your own
  • Ancestral Quest comes with the work “Line Upon Line - A Beginner's Guide to Genealogy” by Margery Bell to get you up and running with your genealogy immediately. Only available in Windows versions.

Share Your Information

  • Print Reports
  • Create Web Pages
  • Export Your Data to GEDCOM
  • Include Scrapbook items right in GEDCOM
  • During import, create a source record to be attached to each imported record
  • Create reports to PDF files to send in e-mail or to make available on web pages

Document Your Family History

  • Unlimited Notes for each individual and family
  • Spell Check Notes
  • Easy to Use, yet Professional quality Source Documentation system
    • Categorize Sources
    • View where any source has been cited
    • Memorize and reuse up to 9 source citations
    • Connect a source citation to multiple events
    • Assign a source citation to just the date or place for specific documentation
  • Store and print images of source documents (birth certificates, census pages, etc)
  • Unique “Documentation Center” lets you manage all the documentation — both notes and sources — for an individual or family from a single screen
  • Mark notes as Confidential
  • Store data (Notes, dates, names, places) in any language
  • Record DNA test results

Store Scrapbook Items

  • Store Photos, Audio clips, Video clips, Other documents
  • Combine Photos and Audio into choreographed slide shows with audio background (narration or music)
  • Attach a sound to each picture, such as a narration
  • Store scrapbook items on the Internet or locally

Work with Others

  • Unique NetFam™ Collaboration — work together with others anywhere in the world using a single master database shared privately over the Internet
  • Synchronize your data with the Family Tree of FamilySearch.org, a public Internet-based database
  • Export/Import using GEDCOM
  • Compare and Merge Databases — bring in ONLY the changed or new data

Create Charts and Reports

  • Publish a Family Book, by combining many charts and reports listed below with other documents, histories, etc., that you have from other sources. Build a master Table of Contents and master Index for this publication
  • Single and Cascading Pedigree Charts with or without photos, in 4, 5 or 6 generation layouts
  • Documentation pages with the Pedigree Charts, including images of source documents
  • Blank Pedigree Charts
  • Fan Charts up to 13 generations — full circle, half circle, quarter circle — printed on paper as wide and tall as you can find — typically 3 to 4 feet wide
  • Single and Cascading Family Group Sheets with or without photos
  • Family Group Sheets can be documented with notes and sources, and even with source images
  • Ancestry charts
  • Ancestry Wall charts with or without photos
  • Ancestry charts with siblings of each ancestor
  • Descendant single line charts
  • Descendant Wall charts with or without photos
  • Descendant Dropline charts with many options
  • Narrative book reports, both for ancestors (Ahnentafel report) and descendants (Modified Register report) — printed to the Printer, to PDF File, text file, or to Word or WordPerfect files
  • Option to print “fill-in-the-blanks” for missing information on Book reports
  • Individual Summary pages
  • Scrapbook pages
  • Custom reports — these can be previewed, printed, or sent to a CSV file for import into database programs (like Access) and spreadsheets
  • Line of Descent drop-line chart
  • Birthday/Anniversary Calendar
  • Research Log
  • Several Lists
  • Unlinked Individuals in file
  • Possible Duplicate Individuals in file
  • Lists of Individuals by name or record number
  • Lists of Marriages by name of husband, wife, or record number
  • Potential problems report (and mark individuals so they won't appear on this report in the future)
  • List of End-of-Line individuals
  • List of addresses for Family Reunion mailings
  • Lists of places, sorted, and with or without details of events taking place in each location
  • List of scrapbook items
  • LDS Ordinance reports
  • Print lists of Sources
  • Print lists of Citations for a Source
  • Most reports can be printed to PDF file
  • Most reports can be printed to a text file
  • Print just Odd or Even pages to help with two-sided printing
  • Print reports in any language -- after obtaining a separate language module (or translating one yourself)

Organize Your Research

  • Sophisticated To Do item entry
  • Management system for research To-Do items
  • Research Log report lets you organize tasks by location, type, or almost anything

Review Your Information

  • Print reports to take with you in your research notebook
  • Review lists of Citations for a Source
  • Sort lists of information any way you want (both on the custom report and on the Name List view)
  • View and edit multiple files side-by-side
  • Individual Summary screen lets you review ALL information about an individual on one screen

Conduct Research on the Internet

  • Direct links to Ancestry.com, developed jointly between Ancestry.com and Incline Software (best use of this if you have subscription to Ancestry.com, though you can gain some value without a subscription)
  • Compare your data to data on the Family Tree of FamilySearch.org
  • Filtered searches on LDS internet sites
  • Search the IGI for missing LDS Ordinances
  • Direct search to WorldVitalRecords.com
  • Ability to create your own link to any Internet search site

Tools/Special Features

  • Take the Ancestral Quest program with you on a flash or other removable drive, using AQ2Go! (Only available in Windows versions.)
  • Relationship Examiner — calculate up to 100 relationships between any two people, and view line of descent from common ancestor
  • Date Calculator — enter birth date and age to get death date, or vice versa
  • Soundex Calculator
  • Always see relationships of each person to the root person of the file
  • Translate AQ into any language, or install a language module already translated by another
  • Auto Generate ID numbers — Ahnentafel and Henry numbering — the unique combination of these provides the relationship for anyone in the file, even those not related by blood. Dollarhide numbering is available
  • Merge Individuals — Auto matching to help identify duplicates
  • Auto Merge on ID, AFN or Global ID
  • Merge Sources
  • Merge Repositories
  • Merge Citations
  • Change Log — Keep a log of all changes made in detail — if you are collaborating, it records the User ID of the person making the change. Print the log to file.
  • Global Find/Replace of Notes, Names, Dates and Places
  • Convert UPPER case surnames to Mixed case
  • Convert US/Canadian state/province codes to full names and back
  • Back and Forward buttons to get back to an individual recently viewed
  • Make copies of databases
  • Split databases
  • Backup and Restore
  • Recently edited files appear under the File menu (Only available in Windows versions.)


  • Bookmark key individuals for quick lookup
  • Simple finds on basic sorted information
  • Advanced filtering/focusing to find individuals or groups
  • Lookup by marriage
  • Find individuals based on how they are related to others

LDS Features

  • Record standard LDS ordinances
  • Synchronize with FamilySearch.org
  • Specific search filters for locating missing ordinances
  • Reports for missing individual and family ordinances
  • Update ordinance information from FamilySearch Family Tree
  • Display Ordinance codes on Children List in Family screen

Jewish Features

  • Predefined Jewish events
  • Produce Page of Testimony to preserve memory of Holocaust victims

PAF Compatibility

  • Full database compatibility with PAF 5
  • Direct import of PAF 2.1 – 2.31, PAF 3 and PAF 4 databases


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