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Jewish Features

In 2001, Incline Software released the new "Jewish Edition" of Ancestral Quest version 3.0. A press release dated May 24, 2001 details the creation of the special "Page of Testimony" feature. Along with the Page of Testimony, the Jewish Edition provided the ability to handle special events unique to the Jewish community, such as:

  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Bas Mitzvah
  • Hebrew/Yiddish Name
  • Tribe

These features of the AQ 3.0 Jewish Edition were added to the standard edition of Ancestral Quest 2002 (version 10.0), and have been included in the subsequent releases of Ancestral Quest, including the newest version. There is no longer a special Jewish Edition of AQ, instead, the standard edition of Ancestral Quest simply provides these features.

To see how to use Ancestral Quest to produce and submit a Page of Testimony for a victim of the Holocaust, click here.

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