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Family Tree Compatible Solution

Ancestral Quest

The Program from which PAF was Created

First and Foremost with FamilySearch

Ancestral Quest is a FamilySearch Compatible Solution to share and collaborate with Family Tree, Compatible with Tree Share, Sources, Discussions, Change History, LDS Support, PAF Compatibility, Memories Write, and FamlySearch Hinting. No other genealogy software program has more Compatible features than AQ. See details.

Ancestral Quest is the only1 Compatible Tree Share software capable of exchanging data between PAF 5 data and FamilySearch Family Tree.

Ancestral Quest was the first desktop family tree program to be compatible to access, update, and sync with the family tree database of new FamilySearch (nFS), won the "Most Comprehensive Syncing" award, and has provided users with exceptional abilities to share data with Family Tree ever since.

Additional UNIQUE1 features of AQ when working with FamilySearch Family Tree

Ancestral Quest not only meets the minimum requirements for Compatible Tree Share abilities, it allows you to share notes with Family Tree and also provides these other features that you will ONLY find in AQ:

  • Unlink Families in Family Tree
  • Share Source Field Details
  • Share Memories between AQ and Family Tree

Click here to learn more about these features.

Wasn’t PAF a great program? The Windows versions of PAF have been available for 14 years, since June of 1999. They have served you well, but it is time to move on.

Did you know that the Windows versions of PAF were created from code provided to FamilySearch by Incline Software in 1999? PAF 4 was nearly identical to Ancestral Quest (AQ) version 3, except for the different name and a few other minor variations. PAF 5 went through some additional changes before its final release in 2002.

Over the years, Incline Software has continued to improve upon the software. You will feel right at home using favorite features such as:

  • The same look and feel for most screens and processes.
  • The same charts and reports, but with some new options.
  • The same Filter/Focus capability, but with some enhancements.
  • Similar handling of notes and sources — with some improvements, such as spell checking of notes.
  • If you want, you can use the same file, without converting. You can still send files to your family members who continue to use PAF.

We have added some of the most requested features, such as:

  • Several new charts and reports, including a drop-line descendant chart and fan chart.
  • Ability to sort the Name List on any field. AQ received an award from FamilySearch for the "Best Listing Tool" for this feature.
  • To Do items and Research Manager/Log.
  • Historical Research Timeline.
  • Color Coding
  • Built in searches for Ancestry.com, FamilySearch, FindMyPast, and other online resources.
  • The ability to work as a team on a single master file with extended family.
  • For LDS users, the ability to update all ordinance data for records linked to Family Tree with a single action.

We are confident you will agree with us that Ancestral Quest is the easiest software to use for current PAF users. Welcome Home!

Options to Work with PAF

Give Ancestral Quest a Try!

“In my humble opinion, Ancestral Quest is what a fully updated PAF program would look like. I made the switch some years ago and found the new program like working with an old friend, with added features. There was a bit of a learning curve on the new features, but there would be a learning curve if PAF was updated.” —D. Hambleton

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