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Give Ancestral Quest a Try

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Use the Free Basics Version

Go ahead. Give AQ a try. Download and install Ancestral Quest Basics for free. This is a fully functioning program, with most of the functionality of PAF 5, but it also provides basic access to Family Tree. Click here to download the free Ancestral Quest Basics program.

Buy the Full Version

Or, purchase AQ 16 and get the full benefits of all of the features of AQ. Ancestral Quest is just $34.95 if you download it (for the Windows version; $44.95 for the Mac version), or $39.95 (plus shipping/handling) if you purchase on a CD.

To help you decide whether you need to buy the full version, or whether the free Basics version will meet your needs, please see this comparison chart.

To make it even easier, download and install AQ, then open PAF. Then go to PAF's “Tools” menu and select Ancestral Quest. You'll be looking at your PAF data in AQ, right from within PAF! Click here for step-by-step instructions.

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