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Options to Work with PAF

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Ancestral Quest is the ONLY desktop program that can work directly with your PAF data, and allow you to continue to use PAF if you wish. Other programs may make a claim that sounds about the same, but these other programs will convert your data to their format, and you will no longer be able to use PAF.

Why does this matter? You know how life goes, sometimes. Let's say that you have not yet learned a new way of doing a task in AQ, but really need to get something done quickly. You know how to perform this task in PAF. You can simply switch to PAF to perform that task, then you can go back to Ancestral Quest. The other programs do not have this ability since you no longer can work in a PAF database file. Ancestral Quest can be more flexible in that manner.

Take a look at how Ancestral Quest is a natural upgrade for PAF.

With Ancestral Quest, you have two options:

Option 1:
Continue to use PAF and AQ together

If you would like to continue to be able to use PAF, AQ can act as a supplemental program. You can use AQ to do some things that you can't do in PAF, such as working with FamilySearch Family Tree, but you could go back to PAF whenever you want. Both AQ and PAF will work together on your data. Note that some features of Ancestral Quest will not work with a .paf file.

Option 2:
Convert your data to AQ and retire PAF

If you're ready to move away from PAF, AQ will let you convert your data to the native AQ format. You'll still feel like you're using a newer version of PAF, but your data will be in a new format. The new file format gives you the ability to use additional features not possible with a PAF file. These features include Color Coding and Tags, among others. Note that once you convert your .paf file to the Ancestral Quest file format, your AQ database will no longer work with the PAF program. If you want to go back to PAF, you will have to export a GEDCOM file from your AQ database and import it into a new database within PAF.

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