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New Features in
Ancestral Quest 11

Click here to see additional features introduced since version 3.0.

New Capabilities

  • Customize the Name List view to show any fields you want!
  • Sort the Name List view on up to three fields. For example, sort by name, then by birth date.
  • Speed Up entry of Source/ Citations. Memorize citations. Select from a list of recently memorized or recently used citations.
  • Merge citations of a source. You can even have AQ automatically merge duplicate citations as they are created.
  • Detailed Change Log. AQ will keep a detailed log of most changes to the file. This is particularly useful if you are Collaborating, as you can see who made the change!
  • Generate IDs The ID is typically used to aid in auto merging, or in identifying how someone is related to a root person. Set the ID to:
    • The RIN number
    • The Ahnentafel Number for direct ancestors
    • A relational code for those who are not direct ancestors
  • Edit and Delete Marriages from the Marriage search screen.

LDS Support

  • New! Online IGI Lookups - Get current ordinance data with just a few clicks of the mouse! (Click here to view the tutorial for this feature.)


  • New! Print reports to a PDF file. Make them available on your web pages, or send them as e-mail attachments.
  • New! Drop Line Charts. Print the line of descent from any ancestor to any descendant. See Example 1: Line of Descent Basic, and Example 2: Line of Descent Decorative.
  • Sorted Place list now has a Summary mode -- just the list of places without the detail


  • Sort places by largest geographic location to smallest, or smallest to largest
  • Show sorted places by largest to smallest, or smallest to largest
  • Enhanced tool for maintaining the quick entry place names
  • Improved selection of "All Ancestral Related" filter to eliminate the selection of all related in most cases

Web Page Generation

  • Images to be shown on web pages are only copied once (previous versions made a copy for each time the picture was referenced
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