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New Features in
Ancestral Quest 2002
(Version 10.0)

New Capabilities

  • Exclusive! Collaboration - Work together with your associates on a single master file via the Internet.
  • New! Research Manager and To Do List - Organizes your research.
  • New! *Internet Searches - Search for any name in your file on several prominant Internet search sites.
  • New! Name List View - Work from a sorted list of names! Sort by name, place, date or RIN.
  • New! Spell Checker - Easily spell check your notes.
  • New! Global Find/Replace - Find and replace names, places, dates, temple codes, and more.
  • New! Global Find and Replace in Notes Searches all of your notes.
  • New! Find and Replace in Current Notes Searches through notes on your current notes screen.
  • New! *Merge Sources
  • New! *Merge Repositories
  • New! Bookmark Individuals
  • New! Add Documents to Scrapbook Collections
  • New! *Scrapbook Links in GEDCOM
  • Exclusive! *Scrapbook Items in GEDCOM - Send your COMPLETE family history in one easy step.
  • New! *Create Master Source for GEDCOM Import

LDS Support

  • New! TempleReady Updates - Easily update ordinance information from TempleReady.

PAF Compatibility

  • New! PAF 5.x Support - View PAF 5 files. Use AQ's additional reporting, GEDCOM and Web generation capabilities with your PAF 5 files.
  • You can still work with PAF 3.0 and 4.0 files.
  • You can still convert older PAF 2.x files.

Web Page Generation


  • Exclusive! Documentation — You'll wonder how you ever managed your notes and sources before!
  • *Quick Entry of Names and Places
  • Customizable Individual Edit Screen — Leave it as it was, or change it to fit your tastes.
  • Unlimited Notes
  • *Family Screen expanded for higher resolution screens
  • *See and Calculate Relationships from Search screen
  • *Improved Backup/Restore
  • *Auto Merge by ID as well as AFN
  • *Zoom on Source Notes — Full screen editing
  • *More Keyboard Shortcuts


  • New! Fan Charts
  • New! Research Log
  • Exclusive! Documented Pedigree Charts - Lets you print notes and sources on accompanying pages.
  • New! *Sorted Place List
  • New! *Sources List - Print all sources, or by category.
  • New! *Citations List - Print all citations of a selected source.
  • Exclusive! *Pages of Testimony - Submit testimonials of Holocaust victims to Agency in Israel.
  • New! Source Images on Reports
  • New! Scrapbook Items Report - Print a list of Scrapbook items sorted several ways.
  • New! Siblings on Ancestry Charts and Books
  • New! *Print Book Reports to File - Choose Text, WordPerfect or RTF type.
  • New! *Reports to File - Print most reports and charts to text file.
  • New! Print Odd/Even Pages
  • New! *Print Line of Descent from Common Ancestor
  • New! Not a Problem - Flag records to exclude them from the Possible Problems report.
  • New! Book Report Option — Print fill-in-the-blanks for missing events.

*Items marked with an asterisk were introduced in the life-cycle of Version 3.0, but after the initial release of that version. Users who have AQ 3.0 may already have some of these features, depending on when they purchased AQ 3.0.

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