Ancestral Quest User Groups


No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in family history connecting with other users will make a difference and will lead to making discoveries as you share your experiences!

An Ancestral Quest Users Group is a group of AQ users in your “area” (your area may be in your geographical region or over the internet) coming together to share interests, ideas, concerns, knowledge, and support of not only the Ancestral Quest software but family research.  Our purpose to help some of you organize or participate in user groups is the belief the most effective way to research family history is collaboration.  Collaboration for locating records, locating relatives, organizing reunions, and also to learn and take advantage of advancing family history technology is the primary way to minimizing geographic and communication barriers. 

Ancestral Quest User Group will have these benefits:

  • Source for news from us, from the industry, and genealogical professionals for you to take advantage of
  • Source to ask questions and get them answered and even local support
  • Source for continuing education
  • Source for collaboration on research and information

If you are interested in joining a user group in your area and do not find one close to you or you would like to start a user group please contact us at Customer Service