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AQ 14 box cover

Ancestral Quest 14

This package is for new customers and includes the Ancestral Quest 14 software for Windows, complete documentation via help files, one registration key, and Line Upon Line - A Beginner's Guide to Genealogy by Margery Bell. MSRP $39.95

CD-ROM purchases include the Ancestral Quest 14 software CD including the AQ11 Quick Start Video Tutorial.

View the tutorial online, right now for free.

Download $29.95
(including the AQ11 Quick
Start Video Tutorial)
$34.95 + S/H*
Get Registration Key $29.95
AQ 14 Upgrade box cover

Ancestral Quest 14 Upgrade

This package is only available to users of any previous licensed versions of AQ. It contains everything found in AQ 14, but at a special price for those who are upgrading from a prior version of Ancestral Quest. MSRP $19.95

CD-ROM purchases include the Ancestral Quest 14 software CD including the AQ11 Quick Start Video Tutorial.

View the tutorial online, right now for free.

Note: To qualify for the upgrade pricing, you must have previously purchased the standard version of a prior release of AQ. Use of the free Ancestral Quest Basics does not satisfy this requirement.

Download $19.95
(including the AQ11 Quick
Start Video Tutorial)
$24.95 + S/H*
Training Aids for Ancestral Quest / Ancestral Quest Basics
AQ 14 User Manual cover

Ancestral Quest 14 Manual

510 pages of instruction on using the AQ 14 program.
Available both as a downloadable PDF file, and as a printed manual. (Note: Due to weight, the printed manual can only be ordered by and shipped to U.S. addresses.)

See the Order screen for options on bundling the manual with AQ 14 when you purchase or upgrade.

Download $12.95
Printed $24.95 + S/H*
Language Support for Ancestral Quest / Ancestral Quest Basics
Ancestral Quest can support any language and comes with English pre-installed. Language modules must be developed by translators, and various language packs are being developed. Translations can be downloaded directly from within Ancestral Quest and Ancestral Quest Basics. Complete translations are available in
  • Danish
  • French
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Spanish
Partial translations are available in
  • Chinese
  • Finnish
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
Most language modules can be freely downloaded, but some require a fee by the translator.
Other Genealogy Products That Supplement Ancestral Quest / Ancestral Quest Basics
Animap product cover

AniMap 3.0.2

by The Goldbug.

AniMap Plus is a critical tool for any genealogist doing research in the United States. AniMap shows an animated map of each of the 48 contiguous states. Each state map contains county boundary changes from colonial times to the present. Use SiteFinder to locate any of hundreds of thousands of cities, cemeteries or historical sites, then plot them on the appropriate state maps of AniMap. Pick a year and see which county that site was located in at that time. Armed with this information, you can visit the correct county records repository to find information on your ancestor. MSRP $79.00

CD ROM $69.00 + S/H*
Charting Companion product box

Charting Companion version 5.0

by Progeny Genealogy.

Supplement your Ancestral Quest charting capabilities with Bow-Tie Charts and Hourglass Charts, and by printing many of the charts already available in AQ, but with some additional options. Compatible with Ancestral Quest versions 3.0-14. MSRP $29.95/$34.95

See Options
Passage Express sample output

Passage Express

by The Jefferson Project.

Share not only your genealogy information, but also family stories, photos, audio and video clips. Put it on a CD or DVD and make as many copies as you wish. Passage Express, through its new "three easy step" program, allows you to create a beautiful multimedia project that you can easily save and distribute to your family members. It's a great way to get your family interested in their heritage. Accomplish this in as little as 5 or 10 minutes using the Ancestral Quest import and the menu templates provided, or you can take time to add additional features and make a design with your own touch. The CD includes tutorials, and a 200 page User's Guide is available.

Check here for differences between standard and deluxe versions. MSRP $34.95 Standard, $49.95 Deluxe.

Standard Version

$24.95 + S/H*
Deluxe Version

$39.95 + S/H*
Pocket Genealogist product sample

Pocket Genealogist

by Northern Hills Software.

Pocket Genealogist lets you carry your genealogy data with you on your PDA or Smartphone (please see the list of unsupported devices before purchasing). The "Advanced" version includes the ability to directly read the databases of Ancestral Quest, plus GPS Support (requires a GPS device that works with your handheld), a relationship Calculator, and much more! For Windows Mobile based devices only. (Device not included.) MSRP Advanced Version $35.00

Download $32.00
Sale Price

Heritage Collector product box

Heritage Collector Suite

by LifeStory Productions, Inc.

Organize - Find - Share - Preserve all your family history photos, files and documents and much more. MSRP $99.95.
Special Introductory price $20 off.
Includes a 200 page Guidebook in PDF format free. ($19.95 value.)
Click here to take the tour.

CD ROM $79.95+ S/H*
Sale Price
Family History Made Easy book cover

Family History Made Easy! Fourth Edition

by Paul Larsen.

A step-by-step, colorfully-illustrated, easy-to-understand guidebook featuring 3-easy-steps to trace your family roots and stories. Walks you through the fascinating family history journey hand-in-hand! It couldn't be easier!
Provides new, invaluable, comprehensive resources not conveniently found elsewhere.For even seasoned-researchers and veteran family historians to connect with your ancestors.
Learn about the latest technology, the newest tools and tips, and the Best of theInternet web sites to build your family tree and add new branches. Makes family history fun, easy, and fast!
Available both as a downloadable PDF file, and as a printed manual.

(Available in US only)
$34.95 + $5.95 S/H ($40.90)
Other Add-On Products which work with Ancestral Quest See Details

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