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Download Ancestral Quest Basics for free!

This is the download link for Ancestral Quest 15. Until you purchase a key, it will run as Ancestral Quest Basics, in which the essential features of AQ are all active at no cost, but the more advanced “bells and whistles” are unavailable.

If you have a registration key for Ancestral Quest 12.x or 14, you can use it in AQ 15 and have access to the feature set from AQ 12.x or 14 respectively.

If you decide you want to fully activate the AQ 15 program’s features, you will need to purchase a Registration Key for Ancestral Quest 15 - by ordering AQ either as a download or on a CD. You will receive an AQ 15 Registration Key which you can use to fully activate the program. If you have successfully downloaded and installed this file, you will not actually need to download the file again—just enter the key once you have completed the purchase.

Re-download your current copy of Ancestral Quest

If you are a registered user of the Windows version of Ancestral Quest, versions 3.0 through 15, you can download your file again, right here from this site.

Re-download your Ancestral Quest installer

The "Adam" Sample Database

This is an Ancestral Quest backup file. Use File > Restore from within AQ to restore this database and view it.

The "Adam" database is a simple database file that traces European Royalty lineage back to Adam.

Download the database for AQ versions 12.x-15 (690 kb)

Download the database for AQ versions 3-11 (494 kb)

The Scrapbook Sample Database

This is a self-extracting zip file. It will place a small sample database on your computer, along with some photos and sound and video clips. Select the person by the name of Afton Hartley, and look at the slide show and scrapbook to see this sample.

Download the database for AQ versions 12.x-15 (3.3 mb)

Download the database for AQ versions 3-11 (3.29 mb)

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