Ancestral Quest for Mac Frequently Asked Questions

Download and install PDFwriter for Mac

Step 1

One source for this app is Softpedia at

On that page, click the Download Now button.

Step 2

On the next screen that appears, click on External mirror 1.

Step 3

Another screen appears and the download should start automatically. If it does not, then click on the link that states Click to start it manually.

Once program downloads to your Mac, locate it in the Applications folder and double click it to install, following the steps on the screen.

Step 4

After the installation is completed, open up System Preferences.

Step 5

Then, within the System Preferences screen, click on Printers and Scanners.

Step 6

Within the Printers & Scanners window that appears, click on the plus sign [+], at the bottom left, to add another 'printer' which will actually be the PDF generating program.

Step 7

The Add window appears, and after a few moments, you should see the PDFwriter 'printer' in the list.
Click on PDFwriter in the list, and then, down below, look at the Use section.
If you see Lisanet PDFwriter in this area, skip down to step 11, otherwise, if you see Generic PostScript Printer, here, click on Generic PostScript Printer, and continue on to the next step, 8.

Step 8

In the lower portion of this window, within the drop-down list that appears, click on Other....

Step 9

Within the window that appears, navigate to the folders: Macintosh HD, then Library, then Printers, then Lisanet, then PDFwriter, and then click on PDFwriter.ppd.

Step 10

With PDFwriter.ppd selected, go to the lower right corner of the window and click on the Open button.

Step 11

Within the Add window, the PDFwriter 'printer' shows, and the Use setting at the bottom, now says Lisanet PDFwriter.
Click the Add button in the bottom right of this window.

Step 12

The Printers & Scanners list updates to show you all currently available printers connected to your Mac.
Notice that, now, the PDFwriter 'printer' is in the list. You will be able to select it within your Ancestral Quest program to generate PDF files.

Now you can generate PDF files of your reports from Ancestral Quest. Continue on to read those steps.

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