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Welcome Home!

The PAF - AQ Connection

Wasn’t PAF a great program? The Windows versions of PAF have been available for 14 years, since June of 1999. They have served you well.

Did you know that the Windows versions of PAF (PAF 4 and PAF 5) were created from code provided to FamilySearch by Incline Software in 1999? PAF 4 was nearly identical to Ancestral Quest (AQ) version 3, except for the different name and a few other minor variations. PAF 5 went through some additional changes before its final release in 2002.

Over the years, we at Incline Software have continued to improve upon the software, in both small and large ways. We have added some of the most requested features, such as color coding and a research timeline. These new features are in addition to the features that you have become familiar with, such as the Advanced Filter Focus tool. A user of PAF will feel right at home working with Ancestral Quest. To see a list of the many features found in Ancestral Quest that are not in PAF, visit this page.

Here’s what one user said recently, in reference to PAF 5 not being updated in over 10 years:

“In my humble opinion, Ancestral Quest is what a fully updated PAF program would look like. I made the switch some years ago and found the new program like working with an old friend, with added features. There was a bit of a learning curve on the new features, but there would be a learning curve if PAF was updated.” —D. Hambleton