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Share the Information You Have Found and Recorded

Image of sample charts

Share your tree through charts and reports. These include standard charts such as:

  • Pedigree Charts
  • Family Group Sheets
  • Ancestry Charts
  • Descendant Charts
  • Narrative Charts (Book Reports known as Ahnentafel and Modified Register)
  • And more ...

Along with presentation charts such as:

  • Descendant Drop-Line Charts
  • Fan Charts
  • Ancestry Wall Charts
  • Descendant Wall Charts
  • And more ...

Some of these charts allow you to include your notes and sources, including reprinting of original source documents.

In the picture above, try to pick out the 2 Pedigree charts, the Family Group Sheet, the 2 Fan charts, the Dropline Descendant chart, the Research Timeline chart, the standard Ancestry chart and the 2 Ancestry Wall Charts. (Note: One Ancestry Wall Chart was printed small enough, with 3 generations, to fit in an 8.5" x 11" binder.)

Image of Sample Web Page

Generate web sites with all, or portions, of your research, including scrapbook, notes and sources.

Image of FamilySearch Family Tree website

Upload your research to large repositories such as FamilySearch,, MyHeritage, RootsWeb and others, to help others who are interested in the same ancestors you have researched.

Ancestral Quest is a FamilySearch Compatible Solution to allow you to upload all or portions of your data to FamilySearch Family Tree, and to download those portions of the data submitted by others which are of interest to you.

Ancestral Quest received the award for Most Comprehensive Syncing from FamilySearch.

Image of Family Book Components

Publish a family book with chapters for different aspects of your family history, including cover page, table of contents, master index, selected charts and reports generated from your file by AQ, and other documents you wish to include.

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