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Completely Uninstalling and Reinstalling
Ancestral Quest

In some rare cases of errors and other persistent problems, it may be desirable to completely uninstall then reinstall Ancestral Quest. In this Tip, we give you the complete procedure. Where a step may be slightly different between Windows XP and Windows Vista, you will see those instructions appearing within a color-coded section.

You may want to read through all of these instructions first, before beginning the procedure. This will help you understand and be familiar with what will be required before starting.

Ancestral Quest
Complete Uninstall-Reinstall Procedure
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1 Backup your database. In Ancestral Quest make a new backup of your database (do not overwrite a previous backup).
2 Have your AQ Registration Key handy. If you do not have it, within Ancestral Quest, on the menu bar, choose Help > Register Ancestral Quest.
Write down your Registration Key, including the hyphens (or you can copy the key and paste it into a document).
Click Close.
3 Uninstall Ancestral Quest from your computer. To uninstall:
Go to Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs and look for any Ancestral Quest. Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. In the Uninstall or Change a Program window, look for any Ancestral Quest.
Uninstall the program. You may be prompted to uninstall PDF-XChange; continue with that uninstall operation. If you are not prompted to uninstall PDF-XChange, please do so manually from this screen.
Make sure that all Ancestral Quest and PDF-XChange files are gone from this list.
Close the Control Panel windows.
4 Shutdown and restart the computer.
5 Rename the Ancestral Quest Settings file.
Click the Windows Start button. Look at the very top of the menu and you will usually see a picture next to a name. This is your Windows profile name (you will need to know this in a moment, so remember it or write it down).
Open up My Computer. Open up Computer.
Double-click on your Local Disk (C:) drive.
Double-click on the Documents and Settings folder. Double-click on the Users folder.
Double-click on the folder that has the 'User name' you made note of, earlier.
Locate the Application Data or AppData folder.
If you do not see this folder (it is usually hidden by Windows so you won't mess things up), you will need to make it visible.
Go to the Menu bar of the My Computer window, click Tools, then Folder Options. Near the top of the window, click on Organize, then click on Folder and Search Options.
In the dialog box that opens, click the View tab, then down under Advanced Settings, click the circular option labeled Show hidden files and folders, and click OK.
Double-click on the Application Data folder. Double-click on the AppData folder.
Double-click on the Roaming folder.
Double-click on the Incline Software folder.
Double-click on the Ancestral Quest folder.
Locate the ancquest.ini file, and click on it once with the mouse to select it.
Along the top of your computer keyboard, you will see a row of function keys (labeled F1, F2, and so on). Tap the F2 function key once -- this puts you into rename mode for the file that was selected.
Rename the AncQuest.ini file so it becomes AncQuest Old.ini. Note: If you do not see the .ini, just rename the AncQuest file to AncQuest Old.
Close that window.
6 Shutdown and restart the computer, again.
7 Reinstall Ancestral Quest, taking the default settings.
8 Shutdown and restart the computer, once more.
9 Run Ancestral Quest and enter your Registration Key as recorded in step 2, if necessary. Then, verify whether the problem is still there or has been resolved.