Special Features for LDS Users

Incline Software has always recognized the importance of Genealogy and Family History to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS Church). And we have always worked hard to provide the best support possible for LDS users. This is one reason we allowed the LDS Church to use Ancestral Quest as the core of its Windows versions of Personal Ancestral File (PAF), versions 4 and 5.

These are some of the special features we have developed to help LDS users with their genealogical needs -- most of these can be turned on or off in the program based on a setting in Preferences:

Compatibility with PAF

Incline Software received permission to use the .paf database created for PAF 3 by the LDS church, and then engineered the enhancements to the database used later by PAF 4.

Ancestral Quest 12.1 can directly work with a PAF 5 database, and produce reports and do online lookups and directly convert the PAF 5 data to AQ's own database.

Find out more about AQ's database compatibility with PAF.

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Record LDS Ordinances

Record LDS Baptism, Endowment, Seal to Parents and Seal to Spouse ordinances. Select Temple codes from a current list of temples. For baptisms performed outside of temples, record the normal place.

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Efficient Searching of Online IGI

Use the Filtered IGI search capability to quickly learn if LDS Ordinances have been completed for an individual or marriage.
To learn how to use this feature, you can read a tutorial of the External Search method, or view a video tutorial of the Internal Search method.

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Submit Names to TempleReady

TempleReady can receive 3 types of input:

  • GEDCOM files submitted from any family tree program, as long as they follow the standards, as does Ancestral Quest
  • Input at the keyboard
  • Databases from PAF 5

Using AQ's TempleReady selection and export process, submitting names through the first method listed above is very simple, and a normal part of the temple names submission process.

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Update Ordinances from TempleReady

Once you take names in a GEDCOM file to your Family History Center for processing in TempleReady, you can ask that TempleReady prepare an "Ordinance Update File" to record and ordinances that it found during its process. You can then import these ordinance data directly back into your AQ database.

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Submit Names to Ancestral File

Create a GEDCOM specifically for submission to the Ancestral File. You can also submit this file to the Pedigree Resource File.

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Reports of Missing LDS Ordinances

Incline Software has developed reports with several options to help you identify individuals and marriages that need to be further researched and/or submitted to TempleReady.

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Search Filters for LDS Ordinances

Ancestral Quest has some special predefined filters in its search engine to help you identify and select names for ordinance processing.

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Direct Lookups on FamilySearch.org

Just click on any name in the Pedigree, Family or Name List views, then start a search for that person on the LDS Church's FamilySearch.org website.

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PreQualify Individuals for TempleReady

During the selection process to prepare names for TempleReady, AQ will help you know whether names are ready, or whether you need to do more research first.

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Import from Pedigree Resource File

The LDS Church has been collecting compiled genealogies for years as part of their Pedigree Resource File. You can import these files directly into Ancestral Quest.

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Print Ordinance Information on Many Reports

Many of the reports, such as Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, and others, allow you to print LDS Ordinance information for each person on the chart.

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Training in Sunday School and FHCs

The LDS Church provides training for its own PAF 5 program, both in Sunday School "Family History" classes and in Family History Centers, around the world. Because PAF was based on an earlier version of Ancestral Quest, most of the training you receive for PAF will apply to Ancestral Quest. (Note: Don't expect the instructors to know about Ancestral Quest -- their assignment is to teach PAF and use of other Church resources. But if you allow them to show you how to do something in PAF, most of the time that instruction will apply directly to Ancestral Quest.)

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