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Use Ancestral Quest to Organize Your Records and Research Effort

Organize your records and research. Use built-in To-Do lists and research log, along with AQ's award winning data retrieval system.

Image of Name List in AQ

Name List view

Use Ancestral Quest's award winning "Listing Tool" to help you find the information you have already recorded. You can list any details for each person, and sort your data any way you want. The accompanying Custom Report lets you print all or any portion of such lists.

Image of Research Manager in AQ

To-Do items and Research Manager

Ancestral Quest provides To-Do items and Research Manager and Report to help you organize your research efforts. Set goals and track their progress.

Image of screen with the tags and color coding

Tags and Color Coding

Mark records with visual Tags and Color Coding to indicate special tasks, results of research efforts, or clues about your family members.

And still more ...

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