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Have you ever wished that your family tree program could just do your research for you? Introducing TreeTips: technology built into Ancestral Quest that will search the world's major repositories of genealogical records and let you know if there are any records for you to examine.

TreeTips combines the hinting capabilities of FamilySearch (based in Utah, with over 5 billion searchable records) and Findmypast (based in England, with nearly 3 billion searchable records), along with advanced searching of (based in Utah, with over 20 billion records) and MyHeritage (based in Israel, with over 6 billion searchable records).

Just start entering what you know about your family history into Ancestral Quest and let TreeTips examine over 30 billion records, suggesting where you could look next, as you expand your tree and discover your family heritage.

As AQ finds records for you on one of the hinting sites, it will show you an icon next to the name of the ancestor to whom the record relates. Simply hover your mouse over the icon to see how many records are available, and click on the icon to see actual records. To search the 20 billion records on or the 6 billion records on MyHeritage, simply select the name of any ancestor, then activate the or MyHeritage search. For more details on this exciting feature, visit our TreeTips page.

Video iconWatch a video showing you how to get the most out of TreeTips!

Note: While receiving hints and search results from all these sites is free, accessing some records may require a subscription or other fees.

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Research Timeline

The research timeline will help you see clues that will assist you in researching your family history. It allows you to see both personal and pertinent historical events in a person's lifetime. Sometimes, when you see historical events that may have affected your ancestors, it draws your attention to other resources you could look at to learn more about them.

There are several included historical events from which the timeline can draw, and you can add your own historical events. The Timeline view is interactive: click on name to shift the focus of the timeline to that person, click on a date to correct the date or other information in your file, click on a place to view an online map of the location. A Timeline report is also available for printing.

Internet Search screen

Internet Research

Supplemental to TreeTips, other Internet searches are available in Ancestral Quest, and you can even add your own favorite searches to make sure that no stone is unturned as you search for clues into your past. Here are typical steps.

  1. Select an existing search, or add your own
  2. Connect to the Internet search engine to perform the search

  3. Make your desired search be the default search
  4. Select any ancestor and click the Internet Search icon on AQ's toolbar to perform the search
  5. Repeat above step for any ancestor you are researching.

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