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Preserve Your Photos, Documents, Videos and More for Posterity

Once you have scanned or taken digital pictures of photos and documents, easily attach them to the records of your ancestors* and to the sources you create. You can also digitize videos or audio recordings or other media, and attach them.

Image of Scrapbook

Individual Scrapbook

Ancestral Quest provides an interactive scrapbook screen for each family member, and allows you to replay videos, recordings, and even organize photos into a slideshow presentation. You can even attach a voice narration to any photo, so that when viewing photos in the scrapbook screen, you can replay the narration of the picture. Imagine your great grandchildren hearing the voice of your father narrating a picture of a family outing when you were a child.

Image of Scrapbook Report

Scrapbook Report

Print scrapbook pages for each ancestor, and when printing many other reports and charts, you will have the option of reprinting the sources and images of original source documents as part of the chart.

Image of Family Gathering

Slide Show

Present and entertain with family videos and choreographed slide shows, including narration or musical soundtrack.

*Note that the free Basics version only allows you to attach a single photo for each person.