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Installation Instructions

Installation from Two Smaller Downloads

You MUST have your Internet connection active to complete the install. (We have ommitted some of the support files that are typically pre-installed on newer machines to keep the size of these downloadable files small. If these files are not pre-installed on your system, the installation program will need to download them during the installation process.)

Step 1:

Download and run the AQ Basic Setup file. If you get a message about the file being corrupt, this is due to a faulty Internet connection while downloading the file. Please download again until you are able to complete this step with a file that downloaded intact.

If you get an error message during the installation of the Basic Setup, ignore the message and continue. Then run the Basic Setup again. (If there is a problem on your computer, the installation program will make some corrections on the first pass that will allow it to complete successfully on the second pass.)

Step 2:

Are you planning to install the support for the NetFam Collaboration feature?

  • Yes
  • No - You are finished. Ancestral Quest is installed!