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Questions for Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Is Ancestral Quest available in Family History Centers?

Incline Software has offered to provide all Family History Centers with a free license to use AQ in the Centers. If your local FHC does not have AQ installed, you could make them aware of this offer.

Many Family History Center computers are connected to LANDesk. You should be able to download AQ using LANDesk. If you have trouble with this, or do not have LANDesk, the director of the Center can contact us at ancquest@ancquest.com for information and assistance in placing AQ on the computers of the center.

Recently, the LDS Church has sent notices to the directors of Family History Centers informing them that Incline Software is a FamilySearch affiliate, and has specifically invited them to obtain a copy of Ancestral Quest for their computers. We hope that all FHC computers would have copies of AQ, as this is authorized.

Does Ancestral Quest work with FamilySearch Family Tree?

Yes. Ancestral Quest was the first full genealogy program to become a FamilySearch Compatible Solution.

You can learn all about using AQ with the features of FamilySearch Family Tree at the Learning Center page of this website.

You can access the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the FamilySearch features of Ancestral Quest on our website, as well.

Can I record LDS Ordinance information in AQ?

Yes. When you first start AQ, it will ask you to set some major preferences. If you didn't turn the LDS options on at that time, go to the menu bar and select Tools, then Preferences, and on the General tab, activate the Use LDS Data option.

I don't see the LDS Ordinances on the Add/Edit Individual screen. What can I do?

If you have turned on the Use LDS Data option in Preferences, you should see the LDS Ordinance information on the Add/Edit Individual screen, either on the main Individual tab, or on a secondary LDS tab.

To change the location of this information, go to the menu bar, selecting Tools, then Preferences. On the General tab, you will see a section for Individual Edit Screen. If your screen and resolution are large enough, you can choose to display both LDS Events and Other Events on the Individual tab. If you have a lower resolution, AQ will let you choose one or the other. If the LDS data is not shown on the main Individual tab, then it will be shown on the separate LDS tab.

How do I submit names to the Temple (formerly known as TempleReady)?

As of July, 2009, the temples of the LDS Church no longer accept TempleReady disks. While older versions of AQ still have the functionality to create a GEDCOM file for TempleReady, you should now use the Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System to submit ordinances directly from within the current version of AQ.

Visit our Learning Center to access Training on the LDS Temple Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System to see the tutorials.

If you do not have Internet access to use the FamilySearch tools through Ancestral Quest, take your database to a local Family History Center, where a staff member will have access to AQ on their FHC computers, and will have the ability to help you.

How do I update ordinance information in my file?

You will need to use the features to access FamilySearch through Ancestral Quest. In summary, you link records in your file with corresponding records in FamilySearch, then transfer the ordinances directly from FamilySearch into your own database. Click here to see the tutorials.

What Ordinance reports are available in AQ?
  • From the Reports and Charts screen, you can go to Lists and find two ordinance reports. One for missing Individual ordinances and one for missing Marriage ordinances. Once you have selected the report type, you can use the Options button to select various options dealing with these reports.
  • You can use the Custom Report capability, combined with the powerful advanced selection and filtering capability of AQ to define other reports.
How do I remove the “Submitted” designation?
  • Go to the Edit menu of AQ, then to Replace Names/Dates/Places.
  • Select Date Fields as the type of item to replace.
  • A special button will appear on this screen labeled Remove “Submitted” Dates.... Click on that button.
  • Make your selections on the screen to remove all dates with “Submitted” or just some dates.
How do I update the list of temples that appears in the program?

If you have the current release of AQ, you can just go to the menu bar, choose Internet > Check for Latest AQ Release. Once you download and run the installer for the latest version, your temple list will be updated.

If you have an older version of AQ (versions 3, 2002/10, 11, 12.x., 14, or 15), you can download the TEMPLES.TXT file, here -- just click on the link with the secondary (right) mouse button, then choose Save Target as... or Save Link as... and then save the file to your Windows Desktop. Make sure that AQ is closed before proceeding. You will then want to copy the file from your Desktop, and then paste it inside the Ancestral Quest program folder, which is typically found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Incline Software\Ancestral Quest xx or C:\Program Files\Incline Software\Ancestral Quest xx). You will be asked whether you wish to replace the existing Temples.txt file, to which you want to reply Yes, you do wish to replace the existing file. Once that file is in place, run AQ and your temple list should be updated.

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