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Ancestral Quest Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on the Database File Formats

What are the limitations on using a .paf database file within Ancestral Quest?

How do I convert a PAF database over to an AQ database format?

Questions on Upgrading to Ancestral Quest 16

Why cannot I access the new features? When I try, it says I am running Ancestral Quest Basics. I had purchased an upgrade with a new 16 key, so why is this happening?

I have installed and registered AQ 16, but the Color Coding and Tags tools are grayed out. Why can't I access those new features?

Why is my previous version of AQ still there?

Where is the new version I just installed?

Can I uninstall my previous version?

Do I need to re-enter my data in the new version?

How do I get my custom reports, field filters and/or web search sites into the new version?

How do I update my copy of the program on my removable device (AQ2Go!).

I have an older Registration Key that I had purchased for version 12.x or 14. I was able to install AQ 15 and my older key worked to unlock the premium features of that older version plus the free new features of AQ 15. That does not seem to work the same way in AQ 16... Why?

Questions on Collaboration

My computer froze while I was editing my collaboration file in Ancestral Quest. When I restarted my computer and opened AQ, it opened into my collaborative file like normal and I continued to make several changes to the file. When I went to check in the file, it said the file is no longer checked out to me and that my local file is not the most recent copy. What do I do?

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