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Record, Preserve, Research, Organize, and Share your Family Tree using our powerful Ancestral Quest software



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Intuitively enter the names, dates, places, events and facts of your ancestors, including notes, sources and original source documents.

Easily record the relationships that tie them together in families and ancestral lines.

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Connect precious family photos, documents and audio and video recordings to family members in your tree, to be preserved and enjoyed through the ages.

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TreeTips technology, built into Ancestral Quest, can sift through the world's largest repositories of online genealogical data, and point you to relevant records.

AQ's unique Research Timeline helps you understand your ancestors in context of their time and surroundings as you look for clues to their lives.

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Organize your records and researching efforts using the Research Manager, color coding, tags, AQ's award winning "Listing Tool", as well as organizational reports and more.

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Print charts and reports, including Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, Ancestry and Descendant Charts, Wall charts, Fan charts, Dropline charts and more.

Publish a family book.

Upload your tree to your own web site.

Share your records directly with FamilySearch Family Tree.

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Ancestral Quest Basics is a complete, free family tree program, which is intended for beginners, or for more advanced users, who want to get a feel for AQ before making a purchase.

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Ancestral Quest includes all the features of Ancestral Quest Basics, and has advanced features required for a more seasoned, advanced user.


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Commercial Reviews



PC Magazine (3/2012)

"Exacting genealogy hobbyists won't find a better application."

Customer Reviews

"You cannot beat Ancestral Quest. It is a very comprehensive program. It is very easy to use. The data entry screens are well designed. One of the things I like best is how it handles and documents the sources of info found in your research. I like the way you can attach images of records to an individual. It contains about every type of report you need."

"I have used AncQuest for over 20 years! I love this program! I have seen others, but nothing compares to the logical and intuitive features of AQ. I love their collaboration feature. There are so many features that I think it leaves all the other programs 'in the dust.' Try it, buy it, you won't regret it."

"Great software, always up to date with the best tools. I have been a user for many years, and support was always there to help when I needed answers."

"This is a full featured program with unlimited expandability. It is the perfect program for beginners, with its simple, clear and uncluttered main screens. As you become comfortable with the processes used to enter, view and manipulate your data you begin to understand the many advanced features and the wide variety of reports which are infinitely customizable. The charts with the program are easy to use and modify to suit your needs. The circular fan chart is the best anywhere. There are many tools that allow all facets of your DB to be refined or condensed such as the Source and repository lists. I have used [others] and each have their strengths; but AQ is the complete package."

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