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Download Current Version

The current version of Ancestral Quest is 15. If you already have a registration key for this version, and wish to download the installer file again, the links you will need are found below.

While a version 15 registration key is required to activate all the features of Ancestral Quest 15, a key for earlier versions will allow access to the features pertaining to that version. If you do not have a registration key at all, the program will function with limited features as Ancestral Quest Basics.

The following table will show you which features will be unlocked by your key.

Your Registration
  Key Version  
   Advanced Features Unlocked by Key     Basics (Free) 
15 14 12.1 12
15 X X X X X
14   X X X X
12     X X X
Earlier         X
No Key         X

NOTE: All users of AQ 12 and above should always download the latest build of the latest version. You will not lose any functionality* that you had before, but you will be assured of getting the latest patches, as well as some new free features available as part of the free AQ Basics.

System Requirements Synopsis

  • Ancestral Quest 15 for Windows requires Windows LogoWindows 10/8.x/7/Vista/XP (SP3)/2000 or NT (32- or 64-bit).
  • Ancestral Quest 15 for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

You can also view the complete system requirements.

Ancestral Quest 15 Installer for Windows

This download provides you with the installer of the Ancestral Quest program, as shipped on the CD.
To find out how to burn your own AQ 15 Installation CD from this file, read the instructions on this page.

Download AQ15Setup.exe (17 MB)

Ancestral Quest 15 Installer for Mac

Download AQ15Mac.dmg (99 MB)

Access the Release Notes for Ancestral Quest 15

View the FAQs about upgrading from an earlier version to Ancestral Quest 15

Uninstall Ancestral Quest 15

If You Have Trouble Installing...

Most installation issues are easily resolved once you know what to do. Click here for troubleshooting instructions.



* There is one exception to the claim that users of older versions will not lose any functionality when updating: if you are running AQ on a 32-bit version of Windows, and you have been using the PDF capability that was available in versions 12-14, realize that version 15 no longer supports that PDF option, as most users now have 64-bit versions of Windows or a Mac, and this feature was unusable to them. If you want to print PDF files, you will need to download a PDF driver from the Internet, or use the built-in PDF driver of Windows 10.

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