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Adding Foreign Characters

This tip will help you understand how to add characters with accent marks like :

Ancestral Quest allows you to enter some of these -- those that are part of the "Western Windows" set of characters. To see which characters are available, and how to enter them, keep reading.

Windows contains a utility called the "Character Map". Under older versions of Windows (95/98/ME), this was in the "Accessories" group. In newer versions of Windows this often is not listed, but is usually still available. The versions of Windows based on NT (Windows NT, 2000, XP) have a more complex Character Map than the non-NT versions of Windows. We'll show you how to use each of these. For Win 95/98/ME, click here. For Win NT/2000/XP, click here.

Regardless of which version of Windows you have, usually the easiest way to access this utility is to get into AQ, edit an Individual, and open the "Tools" menu of that screen. You will find an option to access the Character Map.

Win 95/98/ME

When you open this application, you get a screen that looks like this:

NOTE:If you have installed Windows for a country outside of the US, Canada, and western Europe, you may have a different character set shown by this utility. Only the characters that are part of the western Windows set of characters will work properly in AQ.

Using the Utility to select and use a character:

You can use this screen to insert your characters in one of two ways.

1. Click on the character you want and click the Select button. You can choose multiple character this way, and when you are done selecting, click Copy. Then switch back to your Ancestral Quest program and go to notes, or whatever field you are dealing with. When in the correct field, you can press CTRL-V and your characters will be pasted into the field.

2. Remember the keystrokes. Click on the character you want, then look in the bottom right corner of the Character Map screen. You'll see that the character can be entered by pressing ALT+0255. (This means you hold the <Alt> key down, and don't let go until after you have typed all four digits 0-2-5-5 using the NUMERIC KEYPAD on your keyboard. After typing all four digits, let go of the <Alt> key, and the character will appear.)

Here is a list of the most common characters and their keystrokes:

Win NT/2000/XP

When you open this application, you get a screen like this:

Since Windows NT based systems handle a wide range of characters, including "UNICODE", you need to set this screen up to show you just those characters that were available in the Western Windows set of characters, as these are the characters that are used by Ancestral Quest. To set your screen up properly, make sure of the following:

  • the "Advanced view" box is checked
  • the "Character set" shows "Windows: Western"
  • the "Font" is selected to a standard character type of font, not a special symbols type of font

Now that you have your Character Map set up properly, you can use this utility the same way as for earlier versions of the utility. Click here to continue.