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Installation Instructions

CD Installation - Installing Collaboration Support

Note that Ancestral Quest installs in two parts.

  1. Part 1 is the basic Ancestral Quest program.
  2. Part 2 is the support files to allow you to use the Collaboration feature of AQ. You only need to install this part if you want to use the NetFam Collaboration feature.

General Concepts

If you get an error message during the installation of either the Basic Setup or the Collaboration Support, ignore the message and continue. Then run that portion of the setup again. (If there is a problem on your computer, the installation program will make some corrections on the first pass that will allow it to complete successfully on the second pass.)

During the installation, you will be given a choice of "Minimal", "Typical" or "Custom". Choose "Typical" or "Custom" to install BOTH the Ancestral Quest program AND the Collaboration Support files.

You could encounter a situation at the end of the installation of the AQ program, where the installer gives you the choice of rebooting your computer before it starts the installation of the Collaboration Support files. We recommend that you DO NOT restart your computer at this time. Rather finish this installation and let the Collaboration setup begin. If you do restart your computer at this time, you will need to re-run the installation. In so doing, this first part will complete in very short time, and you will be able then to continue with the Collaboration Support installation.

If you get a message at the start of the Collaboration Support setup, indicating that you need to update your version of MS Internet Explorer or the Y2K update for Win95 or Win98, you cannot continue until you have performed these updates. Click Here to find links to the Y2K Update pages.

If you are having trouble with the installation, and your problems are not addressed on this page, please visit the Troubleshooting page for more help.