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Installation Instructions

CD Installation - No Collaboration Support

Note that Ancestral Quest installs in two parts.

  1. Part 1 is the basic Ancestral Quest program.
  2. Part 2 is the support files to allow you to use the Collaboration feature of AQ. You only need to install this part if you want to use the NetFam Collaboration feature.

During the installation, you will be given a choice of "Minimal", "Typical" or "Custom". Choose "Minimal" or "Custom" to install ONLY the Ancestral Quest program. If you choose "Custom", be sure to uncheck the selection box for Collaboration. Note that with version 11, you may want to install the PDF-Exchange drivers that will let you produce reports to PDF files. If you choose "Minimal", these drivers will not install, so you should use the "Custom" option if you want to install the PDF drivers without installing the Collaboration Support.

If you are having trouble with the installation, and your problems are not addressed on this page, please visit the Troubleshooting page for more help.