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Research Your Family on the Internet

Screenshot of FamilySearch Results

Highlight any name in your database, then with a click of the mouse, search a growing list of Internet search engines for this name. You can even add search engines you find to the list!

Search from such online powerhouse sites* as, and Background Searching You can optionally let AQ do background searches on** for information about individuals on your main Pedigree view. AQ will show the quantity and quality of the results in the name box. By clicking on a number, you will then see the details of what has to offer.

Note that for full benefit of this feature, you will need a subscription to, but you can get some value out of this feature even without an subscription.
*Many commercial websites require a separate subscription to be paid in order to access their content.
** may at any time stop processing requests from AQ for information from their databases. While we donít expect this to happen, access to this information is not guaranteed.