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by Progeny Genealogy

Always wanted to create bow-tie charts, hourglass charts or have additional options for printing other charts from your AQ family database? Then you will want this add-on charting program from Progeny Genealogy.

Charting Companion 5.0 is compatible with Ancestral Quest™ version 3.0, 10 (AQ 2002), 11, 12.x and 14 (when using the .aq database type).

Simple to use. Open your database, choose your subject, select your chart and print! Or, to share with family and friends, choose the publish to PDF option and send your chart by e-mail.

And if that isn't enough, there are many ways to customize your charts. You can choose the number of generations, the events to include, the content of your box charts, date format, photos, etc… With the "cousin smart" option you can even avoid duplicate individuals on charts.

For international users, Charting Companion accommodates different paper sizes (e.g. A4, B3…), metric units of measure, and western European characters with diacritics.

On top of all that, Charting Companion provides extensive search capabilities to find elusive information you may have stored in your family database.

Finally, you get FREE unlimited product support from Progeny Genealogy.

Click here to see example charts.

Charting Companion is published by Progeny Genealogy and runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x.

Download: $29.95 US, or
CD-ROM: $34.95 US
Product No. PP-2205

IMPORTANT: The download version is offered as an electronic download only. A registration key along with download instructions will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of placing your order. No CD-ROM will be shipped unless you specifically order the CD-ROM version. Both options are available on our order page.