Old Family Portrait

Create Family Trees

You can create your family trees quickly, easily, and intuitively with Ancestral Quest.

The Family View

Add and link individuals into families and ancestral lines using the intuitive Family View. Access marriage as well as individual data. Navigate through the pedigree linked data.

The Pedigree View

See the big picture. Quickly scan and navigate ancestral lines.

The Name List View

Work from a sorted list of names! Sort by name, place, date, RIN or other fields.

The Individual View

View all the information about an individual on one screen: events, notes, sources, pictures, parents, siblings, spouses, children, To Do items, and more.

Individual Edit Screens

Edit all the vital information for an individual on these screens. Record the standard genealogical data and enter data on as many events as you need to fully document the individual.

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