IGI Children’s Search Guide using Ancestral Quest


Remember: You should already be connected to the Internet and have already signed onto the familysearch.org website.   To review these steps, go back to the Individual Search Guide.


Step 1)       If you have both a primary Name and a Spouse name, it is very easy to see if their children are also listed in the IGI.  In this screen, under “Search For” just check “Children” instead of “Marriage” and click on “Search IGI”.







Step 2)       This will bring you right into the “Search Results” screen as you had just finished doing a marriage search.  To check the results against your own files, click on “Close” to get back to the “Marriage” screen.





Step 3)       Click on “Cancel” to bring you back to the “Family” screen view.  Here you can have a look at your family file and the results from the IGI Children’s search.  Looking at the list of children, John Banks is the one who needs to be updated, double click John Banks to open “Edit Individual” screen.  Move the screen over to the right if needed to view the IGI results better.





Step 4)       Now click “John Banks” on the familysearch.org web site to view the ordinance information.  Type or cut and paste the new information into the family files.





Step 5)       (1) Click on “Save” to save your family files.  It you can’t see the “Save” button, move the screen to the left by putting your cursor in the “Title Bar” and while holding down the left mouse button, drag the window to the left.



Congratulations! You have just completed your first IGI Children’s search and update.



To update all the children, double click another child in the family file to bring up the “Edit Individual” screen.  Then double click that same child on the “familysearch.org” screen.  Now go back to Step 4 to see how you update this individual’s information. 


To conduct a whole new search, go to Step 1 and choose a new couple to locate the children of that marriage.


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